From experienced engineers to young renewable enthusiasts, we have a team who is offering in state-of-the-art renewable project development, construction and operation. Our international clients receive complete turnkey solutions – from development and planning to construction and grid connection, O&M and asset management. Our service includes:

Supply Chain

AKENordic is a company specializing in the supply of parts and consumables for the wind energy sector. Coming from a background of maintaining and servicing all sorts of wind turbines, we have access to many different wind turbine related parts. Our in-depth knowledge of your turbines helps us locate problems and offer solutions as well as parts. Through good cooperation with manufacturers, AKENordic is able to offer, gearboxes, generators, hydraulic components, electrical components, consumables, blades and many other materials related to the wind industry business.


Developing Business Models

Any prospective wind energy project is only as strong as the foundations it is built on. Profitable renewable energy project starts at the earliest stages with a comprehensive and inclusive project modeling and early design decisions. Specialists’ input from knowledgeable professionals is essential to ensuring an optimal business model of a renewable energy project and, ultimately, the best value business case. We will provide you with a detailed business model considering all the costs associated with wind farm projects giving you the best insight of your project.

Project Site Assessment

Site assessment for wind energy systems is crucially important for a successful installation, operation, and performance of wind turbines. A proper site assessment is a complicated process that includes wind resource assessment and the evaluation of diverse site characteristics. We can help and carry out a site assessment for:

  • The wind speed in the area (assessed from available wind maps or data collection)
  • Size of site
  • Soil samples and characteristics
  • Bankable reports

Project Planning & Permitting

Within wind energy project development, different permits are required to authorize project development. The process of obtaining permits can be very time consuming and requires  contacting different (and many) responsible authorities. We can assist our clients in obtaining all the required permits in the geographic areas we operate in, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, through our extensive local network of high-level contacts and decision makers.

Asset Management

We provide the best solution for you to secure the best possible return on your investment throughout the lifetime of your wind or solar project cycle. With our independent optimization advice, we will maximize the output of your wind farm. Without having control of your assets’ performance, you could end up with a poor investment that isn’t able to pay back as expected. A detailed asset management strategy is key to understanding the expected return but also to allow you explore options that would help your project to exceed its projected yield, maximizing revenue and investment return

Farm Modelling and Supplier Selection

We analyze the available energy source by fully modeling the farm and its output. It can be done either by helping you establish a measurement campaign or using existing data to provide site suitability, feasibility and ‘bankable’ energy yield estimates. It is crucially important to compare actual performance on a site with the contracted turbine performance. We will simulate the output power using different turbine models to give the best and optimal power output and help you to select the best supplier through our optimization algorithm. 

Complete Turnkey Solutions

AKENordic is a highly experienced company that can take care of everything regarding long-term investments. AKENordic can help you plan your complete renewable energy project. From the early development stages to securing financial solutions, we ensure that you will get the most from your wind energy investment in the long term.

Our turnkey wind energy solutions enable our customers, ranging from industry operators, to communities and private investors, independent power producers (IPPs) and utility companies to generate clean, reliable power, on or off grid.

Mast Installation and Wind Data Collection

We offer a full, turnkey service, without dealing with multiple sub-contractors – so you can focus on your business and project development. We can cover all aspects of a measurement campaign, including:

  • Met mast procurement and installation
  • Data collection, monitoring and analysis
  • Measurement software
  • Maintenance management (periodic and unscheduled)
  • Create bankable reports


One of our core business is the re-manufacturing of used wind turbines of different sizes; a service that our engineers at AKENordic have been performing with good success for the past years. Our final refurbished wind turbine products have an extended lifetime up to 15 years and comes with 2-10 years of guarantee, enjoys a much lower investment need and have the same quality performance as the newly manufactured turbines.

A new life for wind turbines after ten years of operation, wind turbines usually need to be refurbished. AKENordic’s technical team of experienced experts will assess the level of work needed to be executed for the used wind turbines, refurbish it and provide warranties for the refurbished parts. The result is your wind turbines and equipment meet or even exceeds the level of the original specifications. 

Refurbishment Services:

  • Refurbished Gearbox 
  • Refurbished Generator (bearings and windings)
  • Refurbished Rotor
  • Repaired Blades with new coating + balanced
  • Refurbished Yaw engine
  • New main bearing
  • Sandblasted and newly coated nacelle
  • Inspection and repair of controller if applicable

Inspection Services:

  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Rotor
  • Blades
  • Hydraulic system
  • Controller
  • Any required tailored retrofit

Benefits of AKENordic’s refurbishment services:

  • Return on investment is often almost double
  • Payback time is often almost half
  • Turbine lifetime between 10 to 20 years
  • Quick delivery time with refurbishment taking as little as 3 months
  • Complete inspection and testing of the performance, as well as warrantees for refurbished parts
  • Possibility of customizing refurbishments, that includes the reduction of output to the live up to local regulations, change of generator windings, gear size and software adjustment to accommodate for 50 Hz to 60 Hz grids

AKENordic offers our clients the choice to refurbish either the full wind turbine or certain parts. The decision will be based on a technical examination report, which indicates the actual condition of the gear and its parts. Subsequently, the customer receives minimum 2-10 years of warranty on all the refurbished parts.



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