Around the world, waste generation rates are rising. According the World Bank, the rapid population growth and urbanization, worldwide waste generation is expected to rise to 2.2 billion tons by year 2025. Waste-to-energy is the process of producing energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary conversion of waste. This involves reducing the generation of waste, ensuring high-quality recycling and using residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation. Managing waste properly is critical for building better, sustainable and livable cities. Per demand, AKENordic is able to set up a team of experts from Denmark that offers innovating trash-to-energy solutions that sees the challenges for many developing cities. AKENordic works with renowned consultants within waste management in general and Energy from Waste in particular. Our services include project planning, engineering, procurement and contract management of waste management facilities.

From Waste to Wealth

AKENordic can provide services that include the full range of technical advisory / owner’s engineering / EPCM services which are required to plan, manage and implement a project, hereunder: 

  • Development of waste strategy
  • Technology evaluations (including pyrolysis, gasification etc.)
  • Preparation of a business case preparation and Feasibility studies
  • Technical due diligence of projects and technologies
  • Site assessment
  • Conceptual layout and design of facilities
  • Opportunity and Risk calculation
  • Project development and procurement planning
  • Value waste-to-energy engineering
  • Technical specifications and tender papers provision
  • Evaluation of proposals, negotiations and contract closure
  • Supervision and monitoring of project design, construction and commissioning
  • Site management
  • Training in Health, Safety and Environment regulations

Our client list include can vary between clients working under different organizational structures – from public to PPPs – among them are: Waste management companies (public or private), regional/local governments, developers, and central governments.

Waste to Energy Facilities

A robust thermal waste-to-energy facility is the foundation of the most modern waste management systems today. A waste-to-energy facility can generate a variety of energy outputs: electricity, district heating, and steam for industrial practices, desalinated seawater or district cooling. In this way, residual waste – i.e. waste that cannot be recycled in an economic or environmentally beneficial way – can become a resource by turning it into energy for the benefit of people, businesses, countries and the environment. 

A waste-to-energy facility is therefore the local source for securing a stable and climate-friendly energy. The facility will substitute fossil fuels and contribute to national energy self-sufficiency and will in many cases fully eliminate the need for trash landfilling.  

At AKENordic we can assist our customers across all stages of the waste-to energy project from idea to operation. The combination of our consultants experience and expertise means that we can deliver a no-learning-curve costumer support at every step of the project.

AKENordic also, assists the future facility owners and operators in the planning, design, vocational training for future employees and procurement of facilities. Successively, our consultants supervise and manage the implementation of the projects on behalf of our clients.  We can support the construction of waste-to-energy facilities under different contracting structures.

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