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Born from world renowned STARPATH technology, our UV charged innovations provide an energy-free solution to endless scenarios, from practical way-finding and lighting, to creative projects and aesthetic pieces. Nevana Designs produces cutting edge, light responsive coatings and components for environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient energy saving solutions for all industries. From coatings and paint, to hard compound molded products and components, we provide a variety of solutions for businesses, international brands, governments and consumers to harness the benefits of our groundbreaking photo-luminescent technology. AKENordic and Nevana Designs signed an exclusivity agreement in October 2017 to explore the market in Denmark and the whole Middle-East region. AKENordic is therefore, the sole distributor of the revolutionary Nevana Designs in Denmark and in the Middle East region. Contact us if you are interested to light up your pathways and innovate your urban design.

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Born from a need for cost-effective and zero-energy path lighting, the Eco-Disc uses or unique STARPATH technology to harness UV energy and generate light.

Built tough with out
durable composite formulation 

Light that lasts up to
10 hours of light generation 

Developed with leaders
in the composite moulding industry 

Our Technology

At the core of Nevana Designs’ product development is our own STARPATH technology, which delivers the following attributes for our comprehensive suite of products;


With out world renowned surfacing technology. STARPATH is a unique solution that transforms any resin-based surface into a light-responsive sustainable pathway, emitting energy for up to 10 hours.

Light that lasts up to
10 hours of light generation 

Add to almost any resin
bound surface or pathway


Originally released to the world as spray applied technology in 2013, STARPATH provides a groundbreaking step forward in sustainable infrastructure and free energy pathway lighting. Through its development with compound and surfacing experts, STARPATH has become brighter, more efficient and globally available.​

Paint Technology

Initially launched in collaboration with Nissan UK, our initiative and versatile new light responsive coasting allows STARPATH technology to be infused onto almost any surface and perform a range of functions from practical safety uses to aesthetic additions.

Light that lasts up to
10 hours of light generation 

Developed with industry 
leaders in paint formulation


Working with specialists in the paint and coating industry, our innovative coating transforms anything from small consumer goods to bike, boats and even cars. This extends its use to both aesthetic and practical applications ranging from glowing cars to light emmiting bikes and shoes.

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